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Spain National Fútbol Team
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WELCOME to ontd_espana!

Do you ever get tired of talking about the men that comprise of that glorious Spain NT? WE DON’T EITHER! This community is the place to be for everything related to the best football national team in the world! We get tingly from each Iniesta pass, Iker’s saves make us swoon. We know it is pronounced “Davheed” and want Pepe Reina to be our best friend/life coach/personal cheerleader. We scour the earth for every last training picture and know what it feels like to look into Jesus’ eyes! Dim the lights, put on “Se Parece Mas a Ti” and come join us in our love for La Furia Roja!



UNO- POST!! Anything related to the Spain NT is welcome, from in-depth match previews to pondering how Sergio fit all of his hair products in his LV carry on, WE WANT IT!
DOS- Be a doll and use lj-cuts when they’re needed.
TRES- Use the tags, por favor! If you want a tag added, just let one of the mods know.
CUATRO- Please don’t hot link and cite your source if you’re posting an article!
CINCO- If your source is in Spanish, try to find an English version, or use google translator as that always brings the lols
…Most of all, have fun and play nice!!!


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